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Статья о конференции 2003 года

14.11.2002 3:00:00

300 лет СПб - 300 лет развития и взаимодействия правовых систем была опубликована в журнале Европейской Ассоциации студентов-юристов ELSA Synergy,  №2 за 2002 год.
International students law Conference in St. Petersburg 300 years of Development and Co-operation of Legal Systems /Maria Moguilnaia, head of OC [ELSA St. Petersburg]/.
ELSA St. Petersburg will host an International Conference for Law Students from 19th - 22nd of March 2003 in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. And we welcome you to St. Petersburg to meet more than 200 law students from all over the world!
The Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University has been conducting annual Scientific Students Conferences since 1946. Since then, the event has achieved international status, and it is a great honour for us to organise the International Students Law Conference of 2003 - ISLC 2003.
The year of 2003 is a special year for our city, as it is exactly 300 years since the first Russian Emperor [Peter the Great] opened Russia to Europe and made St. Petersburg a city of cultural and legal diversity. Currently St. Petersburg plays an important role as a centre of trans-cultural integration. That is why we have decided to make the topic of our Conference; 300tn Anniversary of St. Petersburg - 300 years of Development and Co-operation of Legal Systems.
The main aim of the International Students Law Conference 2003 is to find out what 300 years of development and co-operation of legal systems have brought to the legal world. It is important for lawyers around the world to be informed about developments within European and other legal systems of the world. The Conference will therefore cover issues concerning differences between legal systems in concrete fields of law, features of legal systems in post-Soviet countries and changes in existing legal systems ever the last centuries.
Last years conference (March 2002] gathered almost 160 students from the following 14 countries: Armenia, Belarus, Canada, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.
The International Students Law Conference in St. Petersburg gives an opportunity to practice presentation and communication skills and get articles published in a Conference Publication. Participants are encouraged to make a speech of their own choice, but within the scope of our general topic. If you prefer not to make a speech we are pleased to invite you as an observer at our Conference. You can also take part in a law debate competition or attend a small moot court competition. There are two official languages of the International Students Law Conference in St. Petersburg: English and Russian.
The Scientific Council of our Conference is comprised by Professors of St. Petersburg State University (Russia], Leiden University [The Netherlands], Hamburg University [Germany] and St. Petersburg University [ USA). During the conference, a meeting with representatives of the St. Petersburg City Administration will be organised and also with St. Petersburg City Legislative Assembly, Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of CIS [in the palace where first Russian Duma worked in the beginning of the 20tn century] and The Charter Court of St. Petersburg, chaired by the Dean of Law faculty, Professor Dr. Nikolaj M. Kropatchev.
During hard working conference days we will of course make sure that you do not forget about the beautiful surroundings of the city. We will organise a city bus sightseeing tour and post-conference excursion to one of the suburbs. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Russian Opera and Ballet Mariinsky Theatre (former well-known Kirov Ballet) and other cultural facilities of St. Petersburg. You will immerse into an atmosphere where traditions go together with modern trends: nightclubs, discos, restaurants, and parties...
If you decide to come to St. Petersburg in March 2003, you will experience four unforgettable days with a great academic and social programmes, You will surely never forget this event. And we hope you will come back more than once.
The deadline for your one-page abstract is 25th of November 2002 and the application form deadline is 16th of December 2002.
All information about International Students Law Conference 2003 you can obtain at the website http://www.lawconference.da.ru

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